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Finally! Someone else here who studied the realm of the Grecian afterlife! Thanks again for the meadows. I always knew they existed, bu...


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This is the main Brijes hero, as drawn by my friend Desmond Allen! His name is Wilbur Smu Lambham. The Smu is an acronym for Super Mega Ultra, his parents are HARDCORE fighting game fans. I will be releasing more details on Lambham, his cousin and the world he lives in. Soon enough, until then, I wish you love and luck. Also, Desmond, if you see this, I would like to talk with you as a friend and a partner. Also, this my first posting so please be nice!
Once upon a time in 1950s America, there lived a girl named Constance, but her friends called her Connie, leader of a greaser gang called the Jaquettes and her cute, slightly plump girlfriend named Carla. Carla and Connie loved each other very much; they often went on picnics, but one day, they were attacked by Frankie and his gang, the Rollers. Connie fought valiantly, but she was dog piled and then BRUTALLY wedgied in her slightly embarrassing (note: this IS the 50s; the underwear choices for BOTH genders weren't exactly suave or sexy) and in the most vile and despicable way possible: the difficult-to-pull-off, but not impossible hanging atomic wedgie. After seeing this, Carla attacked the Rollers with all her might, she suffered a similar fate; the only difference being her panties had pink hearts on them. After Frankie and his gang had left, Connie, struggling through the pain, heard her girlfriend crying and that darn near tore her heart apart. "Don't cry, Carla. I've been through worse wedgies in grade school." "I haven't!" Sobbed Carla, her backside engulfed in incalculable pain. Realizing she needed to help take Carla's mind off her pain, Connie decided to tell her the story of the worst wedgie she ever received in her life: the Dread Bunflosser!

"It all started when I was 10. My oldest cousin, Candace, who was living with us, got suspended from high school for the 2nd time in a row. As you can imagine, her parents chewed her out on it and, you guessed it, she took her anger out on me. I guess you could say that she had a BIG influence on my current life. But until that day, I did not fear her. I WORSHIPED her. Until then, I just took her wedgies with a smile on my face. But that was before IT happened. Candace had heard a rumor of a new, but difficult wedgie: the Dead Bunflosser, a supposedly uber wedgie developed by professional juvenile delinquents. And, you guessed it again, she tested it out on me. It all happened so fast, one minute, I'm playing with my toy car the next, Candy, as we called her, was giving me an atomic wedgie (in my frilly pink undies, I say in a very embarrassed voice), hanging me from a VERY high tree branch, and then pulling on my legs until my underwear ripped. On that day, I discovered fear, and let me just say I Did NOT like it one bit. Even to this day, EIGHT YEARS LATER, I still have nightmares of that horrible day."

"Wow! I'm so sorry that that happened to you, Connie." "Believe me, I'm sorry, too. There's a reason Candy was and is called The Wedgie Witch." Suddenly, they heard foot steps, and they fear it was the Rollers coming to finish the job. Thankfully, it was the other members of the Jaquettes: Triss and Debby, the OTHER couple in the group and Rolly, a former member of the Rollers herself. "Oh my gosh! Connie! Carla! Those cursed Rollers! Look at what they did to our fearless leader and her cutie sweetheart!" said Debby in shock causing Carla to slightly blush and causing Connie to say "Gee. Thanks Debby. As if having my own undergarments turned against me is bad enough, now I have you to basically tell the whole of anyone in hearing range that I got wedgied to all heck." in her MOST sarcastic voice. Rolly and Triss helped Carla down, but Debby, a little miffed about the sarcastic comment, decided to teach her "fearless leader" a little lesson in being grateful. Before Connie could object, Debby pulled her legs down, increasing the wedgie's potency by several thousand percent. "OWWW! DEBBY, WHAT ARE YOU DOING?!?!" asked Connie, having traumatic flashbacks of the Bunflosser Incident. "I'm just trying to get you down, boss." replied Debby, THOROUGHLY enjoying Connie's painful predicament. After what felt like hours, the panties eventually ripped, and Connie crashed into Debby. "YEOWCH!! I can't feel my butt!! How's Carla?" "Fine, thanks to your friends, Connie. Speaking of, what kept you?! I think I can't EVER look at a tree the same way again!"

"Well, those Sleazy Rollers got us just after gym class. They gave Triss and me connected atomic wedgies and gave poor Rolly, a painful looking atomic. That is the only reason we're not here sooner." Explained Debby. "Oh, Okay. And by the way Debby, if You EVER think of wedgieing me again, I'll do to you what the Rollers did to me, but I'll do it on the flag pole, GOT IT?!" "Yes." Squeaked Debby, already covering her butt in fear. "Well, I don't know about you girls but I'M heading home to plan our revenge against the Rollers. I am NOT looking forward to walking home after that horrible experience. Ow! Ow! Ow! OW!" Winced Connie, the pain of the wedgie still fresh on her mind and bottom.

The End, Litterally!!

based on a webcomic by Cheriiart- If your seeing this Ma'am, please don't sue!
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Bates Willis
United States
I am an autistic geek from upstate South Carolina who has discovered the long sought after secret of enlightenment: follow the way of the geek. Video games, comic books, cartoons, it's all good in the hood, baby! I love indie games like Shantae, Mighty No. 9, Guacamelee!, Shovel Knight, and many other Kickstarter- funded games like Nefarious!


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