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by Ncj700

Finally! Someone else here who studied the realm of the Grecian afterlife! Thanks again for the meadows. I always knew they existed, bu...



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It was a warm and sunny spring say in the kingdom of Asheland and our heroines; Princess Adrienne and her faithful sidekick Bedelia we're taking a break form their epic and noble quest to rescue Adrienne's captured sisters. "Phew! This hammer sure is heavy!" said Bedelia as she sat down to recast. "Tell me about it. The armor-stench has reached critical levels." said Adrienne as she took off her helmet and began to look around her to keep an eye out for enemies. As she looked, she spied a thin strip of white-with-pink-frills fabric coming from Bedelia's pants. Remembering a less-than-pleasant memory of her childhood when her brother had given her a wedgie that ripped her favorite undies and wishing to teach the Dwarven blacksmith a thing or to about not letting your hard down, Adrienne snuck up behind her and after grabbing the frilly fabric, whispered in the girls ear, "Wedgie!" "Wait! No, NoOOOOWWW!!!" said the red headed girl after her undies began to work their painful magic on her butt. She screamed for help, but in vain; her wedgie-giver was the only person around for miles along with Sparky, her loyal pet dragon. Suddenly, memories of school came back of the boy she had a crush on; until he and his friends gave her a brutal hanging atomic and laughed at her for a full 30 minuets. After a while, the princess let go leaving the Dwarven beauty to tumble to the ground, both hands rushing towards her aching buttocks. The princess just stood there and said to her, "Keep your pants up or next time I'll make it atomic." The poor girl just laid there trying in vain to remove the object of her discomfort from her aching booty. She secretly promised that royalty or not, Adrienne would suffer the same pain that she had suffered only moments ago. Later that day, as the princess sleep, Bedelia began to execute Operation: Bunflossing Beat down. Slowly and silently, she crept towards where the princess slept and after grabbing the waistband of her red polka dotted panties, she whispered, "wedgie." Into her victims ear, being careful not to wake her early. "OOOUCHIEEEEE!!!" exclaimed the pain filled princess who was quickly receiving a taste of her own medicine and did not like it one bit. This was a billion times worse than the panty-ripper she got when she was a girl, for one, Bedelia was infinitely more stronger than her brother. "Okay, okay! I give up! You win!" Screamed the poor princess, desperate to do anything to end her silky smooth suffering. "Not yet." Expressed Bedelia, wanting to protect her panties against any future attacks from the rebellious royal and began stretching the already over stretched fabric as far as it would go finally stopping just shy of the poor girls eyes. Bedelia simply smiled, like a wolf closing in for the kill and said, "Enjoy the Atomic, your majesty!" Before finally bringing the super stretchy undies over her eyes in a painful atomic wedgie. But before her so-called friend could go back to sleep, she began to feel her own undies tug and pull against her; it was Sparky, Adrienne's faithful pet dragon. Seeking to "avenge" her master's defeat and wanting to HIV it a try for her self, the loyal steed began by "playing" with Bedelia's already  stretched out from earlier undies, which lead to countless amounts of screaming from the wedgiefied warrior who tried in vain to get the dragon to stop; the reptilian fire-breather would only obey the one person who right now wouldn't help her for all the gold in the world. The dragon started just as soon as it began, but not before making the poor girl suffer the same date as her master; an Atomic wedgie. Adrienne and Bedelia just latex there, unable to see anything besides the fabric that blinded them. Realizing they were both to weak to remove the undies of discomfort, they just accepted their painful date, prayed that no one saw them like that, and went to sleep. As they slept the pain away, they both had similar dreams; both involved their childhoods and both involved them getting wedgies...
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Bates Willis
United States
I am an autistic geek from upstate South Carolina who has discovered the long sought after secret of enlightenment: follow the way of the geek. Video games, comic books, cartoons, it's all good in the hood, baby! I love indie games like Shantae, Mighty No. 9, Guacamelee!, Shovel Knight, and many other Kickstarter- funded games like Nefarious!


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Don't thank me: Thank Stan "The Man" Lee! He created a chakra themed superhero called Chakra the Invincible! That spurred my curiosity.
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